About Us

Tradition and Technology

With 20 years of tradition in the leather industry, ARCOUROS stands out with professionalism and high technology. ARCOUROS combines art with commitment to quality and aims the development of processes that coexist harmoniously with nature.

Our raw material originates in the South region of Brazil, where climatic conditions enable the obtaining of quality skins, providing leathers with small grain. The result is special leathers for the creation of noble articles for all segments.

The company was founded in 1998 and specialized in the production of Salted Bovine Leather up to Wet Blue..

In 2012, ARCOUROS continued to commercialize Wet Blue Leather, and simultaneously created a new project to develop and market Semi-finished and Finished Leather, in partnership with traditional companies in the Brazilian leather industry.

The articles created seek for harmony between the characteristics of our raw material and the final product. All new leather research is carefully formulated with differentiated products, so we can provide leathers for the production of footwear and general articles. This process evidences sophistication, versatility and innovation.

Mission: to provide quality leather, aiming at safety and socio-environmental responsibility to pursue the best results for Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Collaborators.

Vision: to meet the most important markets of leather with satisfactory quality products.

Values and principles: ethics and transparency in the negotiations, quality and outcomes as a result of the work and the union of all collaborators and partners.